Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I know it not always the right way to handle life but is it wrong to always be on the defensive side? There is alot of manipulative people in the world. Some people always have motives and cant be trusted. Im sorry for this stereotype but "all dudes are DOGS" and if not all 89% or somewhere beyond that We all and if not all ALOT of us have had our heart broken from the false hope of love someone gave us...Being defensive might not be the best way to approach a situation but it most def the most safe. I admit I dont always follow that rule cause I do put myself in situations where If things go wrong on the defensive side was obviously the last way I was thinking, but still i cant always account for making responsibe decisions..You will always be left wondering What if...If you do...I would like to say growing up with a step dad instead of a Real [real meaning biological daddy] has ALOT to do with it...&& yes i say daddy cause anyman can be a father (that only requires sperm), but it takes a hell of a man to be called a daddy ( that has meaning) its said from the mind of small or young child (nothings more pure than that)...Ofcourse girls have played a role in my defensiveness too people who "pretended to be my friend" only to back stab...I guess ALL THOSE THINGS have a key role in the life of a "defensiveGIRL"!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I prolly shouldnt have signed on this site from this computer....#fail all in the history ugh!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's In a Female Friend

                          So Through my 22 years of life i have had two girls Ive called my best friend for the last 8 years of my life their names are Nicole and LaTeesha. Ive ofcourse trusted many girls in between who ended up showing me they didnt deserve the trust I gave them. They are not the point nor my actual best friends I have mentioned, My question in this blog is simply "Whats in a female friend?" Someone  you can trust and tell secrets to, or maybe someone you can truly express yourself to, someone who knows your deepest insecurites? Or someone who knows you better than you know yourself, maybe even someone who you want better things for than you want for yourself! This I really dont know I think with some girls life itself is a competetion and therefor they will never have a "true" best friend because jealously and envy will soon ruin any relationship its present in...I quess I have my own outlook on what a bestfriend should be, because even on Sex and The City Carrie has had trials and tribulations with the rest of the ladies...So ofcourse a drama free 100% happy best friendship is not in exsistance...but is atleast 99% to much to ask.....?  Until this is answered I'll be my own VERY BEST FRIEND 100%

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Hundred and Thirteen Pounds of HeLL in HeeLs!

Shes Back Bitches!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Young && Single?

So the main issue in my life right now is my relationship. I love my boyfriend to death, but i feel like I have been in meaningful relationship since i was like 17 years old and I am 21 now. I feel like there is a whole new me I need to get to know. The whole comming into adult hood thing. I havent focused on me 100% since i was a little girl (16/17-ish) && I feel like its time I found me! Dont get me wrong I love my man more than anything in the world he is the SWEETEST thing i have ever met spoils me, supports me, LOVES && MAKES LOVE to me. I couldnt ask to me meet a more lovely person i swear. Its just the want to be myself and do more things for and by myself. He doesnt feel that way but if you ask me WE both need to work on our selves seperately! Im just really torn in two different directions right now and its EXTRA HARD

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


&& ive been tearing my self apart lately thinking about getting a tattoo...&& being as tho i like to be different its looking like not having a tat is the way to go...I mean ppl are all copying off each other and celebrities like i dont want something on me someone else has on them so im thinking im not getting anything not to mention im not braggin but my skin is really nice i have hardly any scars on my body and none on my face not to mention ive never had a yea i think im staying Tat FREE babe!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

.She Back

OMG Where do i start lolz i have no idea life has taking all kinds of twist and turns some good some bad...and it crazy every single bit of it....I def got my new phone which is an i phone, I guess i can check && see if theres a blogspot app...&& its def time for a layout change i mean my one love in life shopping has gone no where but idk its just crazy....i am overly obsessed with twitter i can admit so if u have one request to follow me... lol im constantly updating! && facebook i guess im paying a little bit more attention to...I really wanna go on a vacay this summer but idk where no where close like NY or some shit i wanna change of fucking weather scenery && ppl lolz im think south beach but im really not sure...i still really wanna M.A.C i told my boyfriend that a Macbook was the only thing i wanted for christmas lolz so we will see if that happens.  My phone has transformed me into a apple instead of a dell. lolz but yea im going to try to update regularly again! So Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

hustle rewards

went shopping bought these thing oh yea havent updated in forever but can admit i am twitter obsessed im updating in pink in white lacey panties that say kiss my ass on the back hahahahah yea TMI oh well

Hollister Co. "Laguna SKinny" Jeans

a cute "not picture" White tee that says "Viva La juicy"

&& another charm for bracelet!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

nail girl

Being as though I don't wanna get my nails done anymore well at least not with arcyllic, it kills your nails...I feels so bad for my poor nails but they are making a quick comeback i must say so myself... So maybe I will hit a Salon up for a regular Mani I've never had me feet done professionally, I've always done them myself, but  I may get it this summer... All I need is a ped egg a nail file and some stickers hahaha... Speaking of self pedis and manis... The worst nail polish in the world goes to Wetn'Wild  in the regluar black color. I painted my nails and took a shower that night to go out...&& it peeled off in the shower I was so mad. I mean I do Like my water really really hot but still if my skin dont come off neither should the polish hahaha......
Current want...M.A.C eye Shadow "Bitter"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

queen,1stLady,blah blah blah

So did you goes know britian is freaking out because Michelle Obama touched the queens back and thats aganists britians royal protocol "no ones allowed to touch the queen' and theres all types of rule as to what to do and not do when u meet her but being as though the queen touch Michelle first it was a simple reply to the affection the queen was showing Michelle. Some do not see it the same and believe Michelle should have never touched her...&& might I add the queen did not mind the contact at all and as for the gift your suppose to bring her Obama brought her an ipod! lolz...i wish i was a queen lol ALL DAY dont touch me and bring me gifts lolz isnt that the life.... now back to my chicken fingerz, French fries, and A1 sauce!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prince Charming PT.2

The Obama to my Michelle
Jay to my Beyonce
Will to my Jada
David to my Victoria
Big to my Carrie
I could go on && on...
Actually He's the KEN to my BARBIE
no literally his names Kenneth..
So Blogger meet Kenneth A.k.A JR

Yea this relationship is pretty unexplainable,
but yea i am now im sharing my LOVE LIFE with you....

.My Prince Charming

So Saturday night I was invited to my hair dressers receptionist
birthday celebration, and i accepted they have a kinda upscale salon so for the party we met at a really nice White bar called olive or twist...i didn't really know some of he other girls so i was rather quiet for the 1st half. After we took a few flicks there, we were waiting on the party bus and Bebe (the b-daygrl)insist on a party bus shot once we got inside...&& how could I forget to tell you the party bus was a stretch white escalade. Well being as though i didn't drink in the bar i agreed to the shot but after that came the following drinks.....

&& lets not forget all 115.lbs of Me Have never been drunk before! I never been drunk until 5 months after my actual 21st birthday. So once we got to the club i was good for about two laps
around it, && then it hit me...I was in V.I.P Spitting up...Me ex-boyfriend who i broke up with sometime in Sept and again in like Jan (failed attempts to make it work). Had drove me to the bar, and ended up rescuing me being as though i could not walk talk or anything i was a complete vegetable...Which was insane...he carried me all the way through the club down all these steps to his car to his house and change my clothes into on of his white tee's and he put socks on me! i know this is weird but i hate being without socks on unless it wearing sandals its the biggest pet peeve of mines, he attempted to fix my hair and he washed my clothes i spit up all over lolz..&& he sat u and watched me all night just to make sure i was okay...The fact that he didnt attempt to have sex with me is what touched my heart the most cuz bottom line it woud have made a defference if he had or not, weve been together for a good 3 yrs and weve never lost touch just were intaminte for a few months but he still called and did whatever i neede him to...
so yea u see the title of this blog...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So Everyone want to be a rapper in PittsbAdd Imageurgh
but VERY few actually make real moves
heres one...I wouldn't say I know him personally
We'll when he first met me lets say he was very persistent
for no reson i guess you could say I dont like guys in the spotlight
but now he has my besties number. opps? lolz nah Im cool....
&& Heres his Video

Monday, March 23, 2009

.Hello Lover

Hello Lover!

&& I fell in love with these at Nordstroms as soon as soon
I seen them...i was like "Hello Lover"!
like Carrie off SATC ofcourse lolz
They are going to be my
Easter shoes

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Moves

No One Stresses me Out more than my mom!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.bag girl


M.A.C "RubyWoo"

Candy Girls

Did anyone watch Candy girls?
it came out last night....i think i will be 
tuning in weekly

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

&& question forever existing.... prove your existence

just a recent pic...
yes call me a kindergardener
 i still love goldfish!!! SO WHAT!

&& am i wrong.....
 for expecting whatever dudes in my life to do for me...?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

. ii hearts Hannah Banana....

ii Live LIFE!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

.riri poor baby

&& i have no comment....
i dont know what to think....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

one less doll

So I went to the doctors yesterday.... && im officially one less, 
but that shit burned going into my arm I want'd to smack the nurses && 
I had a get a tetanus  shot in the other i am dying of sore arms now....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Friday, February 13, 2009

Confessions of my Vday weekend

Shaina, Teesha, && I
went to the premiere in 2.13.09
i Looooovvveeddddd it....cant wait to get it on Dvd
this is what i wore...

*Shopaholic Doll*

&& i had to

yea had to get my phone Juicy'd up
with these cute ass cell phone charms

Monday, February 9, 2009

.i love my mastercard

 loves been letting me down since
 the beginning of this year....don't think this
 is going to be a year of love for me....

so might as well
 make it a year for

Monday, February 2, 2009

.hello kitty

....&& thats her on my weird shit lolz

So I'm counting down

So I've been looking at lucky brand, but I'm not sure if i like's like a grungy line..They make their stuff to look dirty && i don't really like that kind of's like buying new clothes and stuff that are suppose to look vintage...idk if i did get anything thing by lucky brand its would be this purse...cause i didnt like anything else it all seemd so plain yuck!

Friday, January 30, 2009

. beam me up Nicki

So I don't think Im going to put a lot of my personal life just my opinion of things but I've been
a little down lately ...I think females are highly confused about what makes them Lady Like I Really don't  understand why girls hate so much 'm not the baddest bitch around town,but In my head yes i am pretty Damn close...I want females to advance in this world && the fact that no chicks wanna see others get ahead in life kills me...Niggas (rappers) disrespect bitches on the regular && now they like to disrespect each other...I think I've Really Grown since my birthday [1114], Cause I'm just looking at everything so different i mean i am VERY materialistic && i love to talk about the things i buy but let be honesty i buy juicy bags && coach && dooneys, but  i have ONE i mean one real Louie its a small one a black && rainbow small clutch 800.00. There is NO WAY ima spend a few stacks on a bag && I'm on the bus maybe a few hundred but NOT anything over a stack you might as well put it towards a car ...public transportation and Louie bags, kate spades, Chanels are opposites of each other && little dogs too hahahah its to much swag for the bus which mean your spending your money on the wrong thing in life...Pittsburgh girls are me...I can wait to leave this place if I ev get Really rich Im going to start a camp for girls...Where they learn to love each other because the chick f=around where i live are so confused on life.. Every chick is a gangster and keeps them things <----biggest joke ever they are trap girls and will kill you! <----thats so lame...Just be cool its okay to says you will kick someone ass thats enough why tryna claim u have guns and your a killer i neva tried to be hard chick need to be slapped as hard as they act...If i had a daughter she's going to charm school and everything ...I think im going to try to take charm classes this summer..My friend Keir did && she seems like the perfect little lady ...One of the few Pittsburgh chicks that is cool as hell but idk just had to talk about it..Was starting to hurt my feelings but ima a sweetie && my hater blockers shouldn't have to be worn so much especially around girls that should be cool as hell...I met a chick a this party && she was cool neva got hr name but she was bad so she partied with me && my bestie all night...that dont happen much around here...TRUST ME

Thursday, January 29, 2009

. Cellular girl

So I've had my Sidekick LX  (pictured Above) for a few months now...&& everythings cool i like it and my plan is cool well its kinda high like 116.00-130.00 a month but whatever only thing is i feel like its old && i want something newish lolz now my Choices are a Blackberry Curve, G1, or and iphone....I cant think of any other new phones i don't like the instinct cause it doesn't scroll right && i don't like and slider phones i just don't...So those are my 3 Choices...

my friend tells me there is sooooo many cute application for the iphone that ill love them && i believe it i play around with it every-time i'm around him && he said the bill isn't outrages 
so maybe ill look into it i think im gonna check all plans and service providers...AT&T carries this so my service should be pretty good....They have the best service i hear...lolz
not to mention...these covers!!!

*Anything juicy has my attention!*

&& Then Theres the "CrackBerry"
My friend Nia Says she Lovessssss her BlackBerry plus I LOST MY MIND when i seen TWITTERS themes ...&& thats what really made me want one...&& it business oriented so i can still check my emails && blog! YAY!

&& G1
MY Bestie Has this & its With T-Mobile So I'll Be able to just upgrade if i do...
no cancelation fee's or anything like that...but idk if ill like it it scrolls like the instinct && i hate that...and u can txt close screen...idk think theres any cute covers for it...bu its still a new option plus it has google...&& i google EVERYTHNG!