Friday, January 30, 2009

. beam me up Nicki

So I don't think Im going to put a lot of my personal life just my opinion of things but I've been
a little down lately ...I think females are highly confused about what makes them Lady Like I Really don't  understand why girls hate so much 'm not the baddest bitch around town,but In my head yes i am pretty Damn close...I want females to advance in this world && the fact that no chicks wanna see others get ahead in life kills me...Niggas (rappers) disrespect bitches on the regular && now they like to disrespect each other...I think I've Really Grown since my birthday [1114], Cause I'm just looking at everything so different i mean i am VERY materialistic && i love to talk about the things i buy but let be honesty i buy juicy bags && coach && dooneys, but  i have ONE i mean one real Louie its a small one a black && rainbow small clutch 800.00. There is NO WAY ima spend a few stacks on a bag && I'm on the bus maybe a few hundred but NOT anything over a stack you might as well put it towards a car ...public transportation and Louie bags, kate spades, Chanels are opposites of each other && little dogs too hahahah its to much swag for the bus which mean your spending your money on the wrong thing in life...Pittsburgh girls are me...I can wait to leave this place if I ev get Really rich Im going to start a camp for girls...Where they learn to love each other because the chick f=around where i live are so confused on life.. Every chick is a gangster and keeps them things <----biggest joke ever they are trap girls and will kill you! <----thats so lame...Just be cool its okay to says you will kick someone ass thats enough why tryna claim u have guns and your a killer i neva tried to be hard chick need to be slapped as hard as they act...If i had a daughter she's going to charm school and everything ...I think im going to try to take charm classes this summer..My friend Keir did && she seems like the perfect little lady ...One of the few Pittsburgh chicks that is cool as hell but idk just had to talk about it..Was starting to hurt my feelings but ima a sweetie && my hater blockers shouldn't have to be worn so much especially around girls that should be cool as hell...I met a chick a this party && she was cool neva got hr name but she was bad so she partied with me && my bestie all night...that dont happen much around here...TRUST ME


  1. yesss...preach barbie.. these girls just dont know how to be really nasty. they always wanna fight and be "hard" its nothing cute about be angry all the time..&& the wonder why all the boys stay wacthing us! know what i tell them..."Get Fabolous!!" lmao.

  2. Girls that are willing to party with other girls instead of just try to mac on guys are usually good girls- I've found.