Thursday, April 9, 2009

nail girl

Being as though I don't wanna get my nails done anymore well at least not with arcyllic, it kills your nails...I feels so bad for my poor nails but they are making a quick comeback i must say so myself... So maybe I will hit a Salon up for a regular Mani I've never had me feet done professionally, I've always done them myself, but  I may get it this summer... All I need is a ped egg a nail file and some stickers hahaha... Speaking of self pedis and manis... The worst nail polish in the world goes to Wetn'Wild  in the regluar black color. I painted my nails and took a shower that night to go out...&& it peeled off in the shower I was so mad. I mean I do Like my water really really hot but still if my skin dont come off neither should the polish hahaha......
Current want...M.A.C eye Shadow "Bitter"


  1. this is my first time on your blog, first thing I hearr is IMO the best song from So Far Gone. Marry me. that is all.

  2. you know, i hate wet n wild nail polish. I never use their make up products but i have used their nail polish and it turned me off to use other things they make. but the ped egg i was told, doent work so don't waste your money just go to the salon and get a pedi, but be careful dont shave your legs the same day you go to get a pedi cuz your pores are still open and will cause bacteria which leads to infection