Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm hoping this works...

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Monday, May 31, 2010

No games.

My phone plays no games lol

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Changing

I think I'm obsessed with love. I mean if someone says they don't care to love someone else or be loved I really think they are lying. I love the fact of knowing that all while I'm not with my significant other, they are thinking of me if not as much then more than I am thinking of them. Someone who thinks of their future and always sees you their in it with them. Good times and bad, broke or paid, sunshine or rain. I feel like that's love when all you need is that person at the end of the day and nothing else matters except what the two of you plan on doing tomorrow. That seems like the shit to me. Not I'm not 100% sure if I'm just growing and thinking differently or if I'm just feeling this person alot more than normal, but my views on alot of things before are slowly changing. Maybe a few months ago the single like looked like the shit, but for some reason now it looks grim to me. I cannot wait to have a family full of love and only built on that shit. I've played a Sunday for my family (to come) in my head a million times. I guess it isn't the new guy in my life but whatever the case be I so want to give a child or 2 or 3, the love and attention my mom, grandparents, dad, and step dad had given me. Honestly What's a better thing you can give someone? I recently spent time with my new friend and his grandparents and I became so depressingly envious that I wanted to cry at meeting them cause I missed the love I recieved from my own.( they both passed already) I was instantly drawn to him && them for that matter but now I'm scared the feelin isn't mutual. It would only be fair for the amount of guys I was not in love with who loved me, but ofcourse I am in high hopes that the dice don't roll that way. I've always gotten to know alot of guys for who they were never how they seemed, looked, or what they had. This time I've met a looker lol who seems to be my match on almost every level and it's so unstable I question myself repeatedly on if && how much he really likes me. I'm already beginning to lay my happiness in him because my day is ruined when he doesn't call and he makes a rainy day seem like paradise weather when I spend time with him. I'm terrified cause I don't feel he feels the exactly the same and I do not know how to handle the situation at all...I guess I'm just changing and I hope only good things come from it and it's all for the better...

Julia Pearl Poindexter
the expirence 1st of love I ever knew . My Nana

My Mother is my 2nd

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feelin hot hot hot

New nail color!
Well it's from the OPI "South Beach" collection so here's the actual bottle

I went to my fave nail boutique posh!

&& here are my nail && a free dum dum she have me lol

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Most Recent Picture

Me playin skee ball at Chuckie Cheese! Lol

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

New item

A gift from My Mr.

Juicy Blazer, but I'm not sure how I should wear it or what to pair it with....

ismell like....

I am in LOVE with bebe's Perfume!

&& their nail polishes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Stuff!

So me being the Nail Polish Junkie I am I love when new collections
 come out Im always on the watch for them....but I absolutely love the new OPI "Hong Kong"

It really looks like every color is cute! && thats rare!

Other things I may say Ive entered into a make-up contest on this blog
Although I never win stuff  Im so *Gorgeously Unlucky* <---shoutout to Brit if she ever reads this lol I love that name but this is what shes giving away

MAC, Revlon, Wet-n-wild, Sinful Colors, Benefit
Was worth a try!
Pray for me Guys lol

Starter Necklace and Bracelet

So I think Ill blog about one certian item that i have and love a month I guess or maybe just whenever I feel like talking about something...but today I wanna talk about a faily popular item...the Juicy Couture starter necklace in gold or silver. I dont know if they are popular where any of my readers live but they are very popular in Pittsburgh, Pa. I have the gold set (meaning the braclet to match) alomost 70% ill guess and say have them here...Heres what it looks like (just incase u live under a rock)...
This is me summer *09*  w/ a Friend "Jen Bunny" all silly in the back
heres a few regular girls wearing them...&& heres the bracelet

&& thats my braelet which i bought in kids because my wrist is
very very small...the big one slides down my hand...These have
to be my favorite pieces of jewlery, although they are popular. I
think they are really cute. feel free to comment your pic in one if u
have one! xoxo -SweetPea

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Searose W. Bailey Button Uggs! 
One of my gifts!
Also a huges basket with a bottle of Nuvo,Peach Snaps, && White Wine.
Chocolates, Candy, && A Shower Gel && Lotion set from B&BW and pink bebe nail polish!

Liked my Gift...One more comming next week!

Monday, February 8, 2010

.Meet Nikki Blogspot

Blogspot meet my bestfriend Nicole I think Shes been a wonderful besties
ofcourse weve had a argument and spats but NOTHING ever thats has canged our friendship..Ive been besties with her for 8 years now and I love her to death no she has talk about me behind me back or hated on the in ANY type of way && im thankfull cause you guys have no idea how many girl Ive met who fit the description of fake! but She never has and I am thankul for that...So Id like to take thid time out to thank my bestie! ♥ you!


I found a new spot I LOVE to get my nails done...Its a black owned salon/spa called Posh nail boutique...I ended up getting a petite natural manicure with pink china glaze polish last week and its still intact I love my nails i am def going to be returning there...they also have pedicure oasis, tanning ,massage & waxing studios in which my bestie (lighter girl on left pictured)
&& I also want to throw a SATC2 party there cause it right next to Loews Amc theatre
So it Seems very relaxing to go see the SATC movie premiere and then go to the nail boutique get mani/pedi's then grab something to eat from one of the resturants from in the waterfont and a little shopping ofcourse...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the Smashing of the Homie

 I really dont understand why girls are no longer keeping the Pussy exclusive...I mean I love being that girl that a guy still wants years later because I didnt feel the need to have sex with him a few days after he met me, or the 1st night...Even if I really like a guy Ill still wait..there was one time that I didnt and the poor guy was horrible ( Im not a big sexual person at anytime to tell the truth I mean  8 times out if 10 the guy brags and goes on and on and ends up being quick or not expirenced enough ) I dont like guys with really big ones because to me that hurts and its uncomfortable to me Im not one who prefers pain over plesure I want it to feel good...I will go on to say the guy I am with now it most def a pefect fit and we have really good sex...not saying all other in y life were bad but he just feels perfect. I can say I havent had sex with alots of guys I lost my virginity at 18 I was a senior in high school and my high school sweetheart took my virginity ( I hated his guts from freshmen to pretty much junior year so we rally had grown on each other b4 we even fell in love and had sex) lol but I can honestly say Im not a freak in the sheets its not in my personality to chase dick or be the type to say I need some lol...Yes I do had the urge some times and Ill hint to my boyfriend that I want to but Im just def not the aggressive type I love when its more or less love making then fcuking or having sex more sensual and meaningful that feels best to me...Theres so many girls who Ive heard talked about like they were even human beings only a piece of meat between guys and It made me feel really sad for them only in hopes they never hear these guys talking about them. I just have a little less respect for girls who do that...its degrading how can you take pride in having a Pussy (i call it a Nah-Nah lol)) if u give it away all the time. Its no longer special, no longer appreciated, or holding high worth...A lady should always be wanted but many females today are HAD!

Friday, January 8, 2010


This was the 1st blessing of the New Year
born 1.7.2010

Shes such a little Angel i call her "Sweet Pea"!
Shes my best friends baby...