Thursday, April 2, 2009

queen,1stLady,blah blah blah

So did you goes know britian is freaking out because Michelle Obama touched the queens back and thats aganists britians royal protocol "no ones allowed to touch the queen' and theres all types of rule as to what to do and not do when u meet her but being as though the queen touch Michelle first it was a simple reply to the affection the queen was showing Michelle. Some do not see it the same and believe Michelle should have never touched her...&& might I add the queen did not mind the contact at all and as for the gift your suppose to bring her Obama brought her an ipod! lolz...i wish i was a queen lol ALL DAY dont touch me and bring me gifts lolz isnt that the life.... now back to my chicken fingerz, French fries, and A1 sauce!

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