Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I know it not always the right way to handle life but is it wrong to always be on the defensive side? There is alot of manipulative people in the world. Some people always have motives and cant be trusted. Im sorry for this stereotype but "all dudes are DOGS" and if not all 89% or somewhere beyond that We all and if not all ALOT of us have had our heart broken from the false hope of love someone gave us...Being defensive might not be the best way to approach a situation but it most def the most safe. I admit I dont always follow that rule cause I do put myself in situations where If things go wrong on the defensive side was obviously the last way I was thinking, but still i cant always account for making responsibe decisions..You will always be left wondering What if...If you do...I would like to say growing up with a step dad instead of a Real [real meaning biological daddy] has ALOT to do with it...&& yes i say daddy cause anyman can be a father (that only requires sperm), but it takes a hell of a man to be called a daddy ( that has meaning) its said from the mind of small or young child (nothings more pure than that)...Ofcourse girls have played a role in my defensiveness too people who "pretended to be my friend" only to back stab...I guess ALL THOSE THINGS have a key role in the life of a "defensiveGIRL"!

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