Sunday, February 28, 2010

Most Recent Picture

Me playin skee ball at Chuckie Cheese! Lol

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

New item

A gift from My Mr.

Juicy Blazer, but I'm not sure how I should wear it or what to pair it with....

ismell like....

I am in LOVE with bebe's Perfume!

&& their nail polishes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Stuff!

So me being the Nail Polish Junkie I am I love when new collections
 come out Im always on the watch for them....but I absolutely love the new OPI "Hong Kong"

It really looks like every color is cute! && thats rare!

Other things I may say Ive entered into a make-up contest on this blog
Although I never win stuff  Im so *Gorgeously Unlucky* <---shoutout to Brit if she ever reads this lol I love that name but this is what shes giving away

MAC, Revlon, Wet-n-wild, Sinful Colors, Benefit
Was worth a try!
Pray for me Guys lol

Starter Necklace and Bracelet

So I think Ill blog about one certian item that i have and love a month I guess or maybe just whenever I feel like talking about something...but today I wanna talk about a faily popular item...the Juicy Couture starter necklace in gold or silver. I dont know if they are popular where any of my readers live but they are very popular in Pittsburgh, Pa. I have the gold set (meaning the braclet to match) alomost 70% ill guess and say have them here...Heres what it looks like (just incase u live under a rock)...
This is me summer *09*  w/ a Friend "Jen Bunny" all silly in the back
heres a few regular girls wearing them...&& heres the bracelet

&& thats my braelet which i bought in kids because my wrist is
very very small...the big one slides down my hand...These have
to be my favorite pieces of jewlery, although they are popular. I
think they are really cute. feel free to comment your pic in one if u
have one! xoxo -SweetPea

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Searose W. Bailey Button Uggs! 
One of my gifts!
Also a huges basket with a bottle of Nuvo,Peach Snaps, && White Wine.
Chocolates, Candy, && A Shower Gel && Lotion set from B&BW and pink bebe nail polish!

Liked my Gift...One more comming next week!

Monday, February 8, 2010

.Meet Nikki Blogspot

Blogspot meet my bestfriend Nicole I think Shes been a wonderful besties
ofcourse weve had a argument and spats but NOTHING ever thats has canged our friendship..Ive been besties with her for 8 years now and I love her to death no she has talk about me behind me back or hated on the in ANY type of way && im thankfull cause you guys have no idea how many girl Ive met who fit the description of fake! but She never has and I am thankul for that...So Id like to take thid time out to thank my bestie! ♥ you!


I found a new spot I LOVE to get my nails done...Its a black owned salon/spa called Posh nail boutique...I ended up getting a petite natural manicure with pink china glaze polish last week and its still intact I love my nails i am def going to be returning there...they also have pedicure oasis, tanning ,massage & waxing studios in which my bestie (lighter girl on left pictured)
&& I also want to throw a SATC2 party there cause it right next to Loews Amc theatre
So it Seems very relaxing to go see the SATC movie premiere and then go to the nail boutique get mani/pedi's then grab something to eat from one of the resturants from in the waterfont and a little shopping ofcourse...