Thursday, January 22, 2009

.mommies qirl

So I'm  a pretty silly girl  80% of the time...
i'm actually happy most of the time, but when im not
i pile everything on top...&& it doesn't take alot to piss me off 
i am spoiled not the best thing in the world to be but i am very use to gettin whatever 
 ask for && if someone doesn't provide i get it myself. its hoe things have been going && i think
thats the reason i wont have children for a long time in my life i am very selfish && can admit it

&& thats my maker i can say with a str8 face that i am a hardcore mommies
girl we recently got an even stronger bond than i ever thought was possible
we call it mommy mondays && we go to the movies every monday not to 
4get out ridiculously shopping habit idk how we end up shopping so much but
we do its older sister[27] was closer to her but the older i got the 
more we grew this strong bond so yea thats mom she waited late 
have me...shes 52 yrs old, but im happy she did...


  1. mommy mondays! how cute!! i have daddy-daughter day from time to time.

  2. mommy monday is adorable! not to mention you look like your mommy!

  3. hey shaynna. request me or howeva this ish goes lol