Thursday, January 29, 2009

.awwww yes

Just Let me take you back  for a second....
you can reminisce for the rest of the day for the next like
3 minutes vibe with me The good old days

Awe, Jelly Sandals  remember these days
i was a little girl life was perfect. There was real grandma && grandpa's
everyone wasn't killing each other Dayum that make me feel so good
just thinking about how it use to be...
&& beads...i had a head full sometimes ugh ballys && Barrettes 
for a second i swear id live my life all over again
just to remember those times....

Cant forget about double dutch...
i loved it jumping in && irish hahaha
pop ups, &&b doubling if u didn't know how to turn lmao

Oh God I Miss Those Days...


  1. get the new iphone!
    its the biz!
    and plus you can get your juicy cases!

    anyway, awww i had those jelly sandals too!
    i had the clear ones, and i had some cute red ones from my godmother! shes a delta. lol.

    love ya barbie!

  2. oh I remembered all of those, I used to wear my hair with beads, the jellies and double dutch. I though I was the queen of double dutch with all my tricks lol