Friday, January 23, 2009


&& i had to have My Dunkin Donuts this morning

So here are things im currently addicted to...

idk why i love their sweats so much but i do
i have like 20 pair of pink sweats i guess cause its my favorite color 
i can wear it no matter what actual color i have on

Vanessa && Angela's New Show
"Daddy's Girls"

From what I hear the girl in the plaid skirt 
brings the drama lolz but welll have to watch & see
I'd MurDer Someone for these boots....

They are Christian Louboutins
im going to have a pair by the end of the yar lolz 
got ALOT of other thing to take care of  1st hahahah

Team, Fab, && Bella Sugar...

So Every now && Then I like to go over the top 
i was thinkn of buying a re-make of these Balenciaga's  Beyonce  is wearing...
They are at Bakers && i think she looks cute...Start the Spring off CRAZY! lolz

&& They're on Sale too for 69.99


  1. i love daddys girls and i love love beyonce those shoe are to die for.. ♥ ur blog my dear. Kisses Kay.

  2. ooo came across ur blogg its cute...i did an addiction blogg a few months ago lol seems like we're addicted to some of the same things how cool is that!!! i guess great minds thin n those bakers shoes i effin love em i've had them for almost 2 yrs now the're great!! much love to u n ur blogg

  3. You're pretty!!

    I have a pair of Pink's sweat pants on now.
    I love me some Victoria's Secret. lol

    Nice blog, btw.