Thursday, August 6, 2009

Young && Single?

So the main issue in my life right now is my relationship. I love my boyfriend to death, but i feel like I have been in meaningful relationship since i was like 17 years old and I am 21 now. I feel like there is a whole new me I need to get to know. The whole comming into adult hood thing. I havent focused on me 100% since i was a little girl (16/17-ish) && I feel like its time I found me! Dont get me wrong I love my man more than anything in the world he is the SWEETEST thing i have ever met spoils me, supports me, LOVES && MAKES LOVE to me. I couldnt ask to me meet a more lovely person i swear. Its just the want to be myself and do more things for and by myself. He doesnt feel that way but if you ask me WE both need to work on our selves seperately! Im just really torn in two different directions right now and its EXTRA HARD


  1. girl believe me i know what u mean. Im wait ma man since 2oo4.I love to death but sometimes i feel like i need ma own space.So he gives me dat! So if u two dont wanna lose what u have,its up to him.

  2. im going through the exact same thing dear. all i can say to you is that you dont want to regret not living your life later on in life when you all settle down ya know? do what you can do now, before kids & marriage comes up because then youll be pretty much screwed. he should understand that youre young and you wanna live life. doesnt mean you wanna see other people its just you wanna live life, and see the world at the moment.

  3. i just ran across your blog. and saw this and was like wow. are all of us 20 somethings in the same boat? anyhoo. no super great advice to give. hell i need some too. but i can say- you now your heart. and whats best. doing it is a whole 'nother boat. but follow that voice. its usually right. :)