Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starter Necklace and Bracelet

So I think Ill blog about one certian item that i have and love a month I guess or maybe just whenever I feel like talking about something...but today I wanna talk about a faily popular item...the Juicy Couture starter necklace in gold or silver. I dont know if they are popular where any of my readers live but they are very popular in Pittsburgh, Pa. I have the gold set (meaning the braclet to match) alomost 70% ill guess and say have them here...Heres what it looks like (just incase u live under a rock)...
This is me summer *09*  w/ a Friend "Jen Bunny" all silly in the back
heres a few regular girls wearing them...&& heres the bracelet

&& thats my braelet which i bought in kids because my wrist is
very very small...the big one slides down my hand...These have
to be my favorite pieces of jewlery, although they are popular. I
think they are really cute. feel free to comment your pic in one if u
have one! xoxo -SweetPea

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