Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the Smashing of the Homie

 I really dont understand why girls are no longer keeping the Pussy exclusive...I mean I love being that girl that a guy still wants years later because I didnt feel the need to have sex with him a few days after he met me, or the 1st night...Even if I really like a guy Ill still wait..there was one time that I didnt and the poor guy was horrible ( Im not a big sexual person at anytime to tell the truth I mean  8 times out if 10 the guy brags and goes on and on and ends up being quick or not expirenced enough ) I dont like guys with really big ones because to me that hurts and its uncomfortable to me Im not one who prefers pain over plesure I want it to feel good...I will go on to say the guy I am with now it most def a pefect fit and we have really good sex...not saying all other in y life were bad but he just feels perfect. I can say I havent had sex with alots of guys I lost my virginity at 18 I was a senior in high school and my high school sweetheart took my virginity ( I hated his guts from freshmen to pretty much junior year so we rally had grown on each other b4 we even fell in love and had sex) lol but I can honestly say Im not a freak in the sheets its not in my personality to chase dick or be the type to say I need some lol...Yes I do had the urge some times and Ill hint to my boyfriend that I want to but Im just def not the aggressive type I love when its more or less love making then fcuking or having sex more sensual and meaningful that feels best to me...Theres so many girls who Ive heard talked about like they were even human beings only a piece of meat between guys and It made me feel really sad for them only in hopes they never hear these guys talking about them. I just have a little less respect for girls who do that...its degrading how can you take pride in having a Pussy (i call it a Nah-Nah lol)) if u give it away all the time. Its no longer special, no longer appreciated, or holding high worth...A lady should always be wanted but many females today are HAD!


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  2. I have to agree with you, on most of the point made in this post,even though i like a woman who takes it a time as it keeps it a bit interesting, you never want it to be predictable.

    Making a guy wait for the goods is always the best thing to do, as you could tell who is really interesting from who just want some ass at times.

    The male will value one that he had to work hard for over one that get snapped his finger and gets.